Tumor Dumplings Of Universe 25 "NPC Go Boom!" (2023)

Produced By Randy Prozac



NPC Go Boom!

i have a dream...
wendy from wendy's had a penis
and george floyd was back from the dead like candyman
and it was like john kerry going down on me

you were deceived from the first circumcision
because climate change is communism
and it's a frictionless utopian freedom prison
for total control of world population

decades of absorbing microplastics
milgram mouseketeers mind-controlled by fascists
will burn it all to be the kings of the ashes
so they can serve politicians cocaine habits

fauci worms growing inside your veins
cuz everything 'smart' dumbed down your brain
a thousand cuts pushing the mark of cain
enjoying myself before they try to kill us again

one day you're gonna wake up and the nukes have gone off
tanks roll down your street welcomed with open arms
and all your old "rights" are long since gone
living in an inconsequential dream-like brain fog

deadly viruses, life threatening until seated
deep-throating protocols of cheese pizza
bacterial load inhaled by chestfeeders
we used to call them perverts, now we call them teachers

placed into 1984 pfizer goolags
rounded up for 'mentally ill' antiWEF thoughts
everyone is addicted to a surveillance device
humanity has no idea of their coming demise

domestic cells of the snitch network
slow moving death blow to our way of life
limit personal long range free movement
silent subliminal revelation of the method

accepting androgynous vat grown humans
and taylor swift's views on communism
the supermarket doesn't sell food any longer
cuz moderna contains monkey vomit

ignorance is now education
we must destroy our freedoms to save them
politicians are predators spraying us with cancer
a daycare masturbation room necromancer

death cult seeping through every screen
elites getting richer off green energy schemes
CIA in everything you see
gene therapy in my hamburger meat

the night sky destroyed by the oligarchs
spaying and neutering children on the altar of baal
uprooted shake 'n' bake society with no culture
routinely sick with the "bug going around"

masonic labyrinth of new babylonia
rainbow zombies rebranding cambodia
cancelling you for disliking pedophila
those forest fires are engineered dystopia

gaslighted to believe they are saving the planet
rations either by breadline or amazon drone
those with better scores have access to tumors
the real crisis is called the great reset

tactical micronuke induced climate change
a thousand chemical dressing in the brain
puked on with poisonous gasses
satellites in low earth orbit frying the earth

the library banned nineteen eighty-four
to make room for gay coloring book porn
controlled life year zero barn animals
sorry, your "anti-racism" is racism

vegetables tainted with modRNA
and apple pie is infected with Apeel
blueblood families invented this 'movement'
all events are used to increase government

when their cyber attack comes to fruition
digital ID will be the catch-all solution
a high-tech form of feudalism
technocracy and bolshevism

this democide is just beginning
in your mind their symbols are imprinting
now that you have modified a.i.d.s.
the final prescription will be MAiD

this is what happens when you worship moloch
soon to be trending holodomor stomach
stainless steel death cult insertion
it's not about the mask, it's about the curtain

this is us breeding ourselves out of existence
you didn't seem to notice the WEF's three sixes
and the government has our best interests
as i fell to my knees in walmart with indifference

turn the influencers into soap
the social media complex will take a lot of rope
MSM hand in hand with corrupt governments
downloading all their social engineering templates

memory holing history for new indoctrination
societies in chaos will accept the "solution"
your children will become the secret police
net zero starvation conversation piece

understanding the bullshit covid fraud
is key to understanding the climate fraud
at sierra club and other gangrene NGO's
the billionaires sip adrenochrome

the reason for all the manufactured division
the elite don't want people working together against THEM
while they are building your digital/physical cages
soon you'll be permanently carbon neutralized

a promethean altering of reality
color coded mice sealed inside smart cities
"it ain't gonna lick itself" said ben to jerry
soros laughing spreads his wings