Terrorist Lipgloss "Sucking Up The Nothing" (2011)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Prosthetic In Nature

we're driven together
while we're falling apart

we're not even here
it's all just a blur

i reach out to touch you
but you're not even there

i want you to hold me
but there's no me to hold

unfeeling the shapes
of what never was

surrounded by people
i am always alone

this mask that i wear
goes straight to the bone

it doesn't come off
even when i'm alone

the words that you say
and the sounds that you make

only serve to remind me
that everything's fake

prosthetic in nature
prosthetic in nature



Diet Nazi Soft Slave

i'm free to work for pieces of paper
i'm free to have my identification number
i'm free to buy your corporate food
i'm free to be society's fool

i'm free

i'm free to be searched walking down the street
i'm free to obey or go live on the street
i'm free to believe when i have no facts
i'm free to have the rich standing on my back

i'm free

i'm free to jump through the systems hoops
i'm free to achieve by the systems rules
i'm free to submit or i'll lose my job
i'm free to obey all society's laws

i'm free

i'm free to be weak and to play along
i'm free to ignore all that's gone wrong
i'm free to give up all my basic rights
i'm free to bend over without a fight

i'm free

i'm free to be your little perfect slave
i'm free to be your property until i go to my grave
i'm free to shut my mouth and fade away
i'm free to play it safe and to do it your way

i'm free



Hamster Squeak

squeak squeak squeak
break my chicken beak
running round in circles
hear the turnstiles creak

aw aw aw
hear my crows throat kaw
on the TV channel
was the eye of ra

no no no
i don't wanna know
can't look anymore
into your empty hole

i i i
just wanna die
this world is fucked
everything is a lie

squeak squeak squeak
hear my wheels squeak
round and round we go
and the ends don't meet

heil heil heil
the police sirens wail
the amount of control
goes beyond the pale

stop stop stop
don't you ever stop?
everyone is trained
to act like a cop

fuck fuck fuck
do you ever suck
you're treating my mind
like a urinal puck

why why why
do you make us cry
this is my body
not something you buy

wait wait wait
now it's too late
the grid is in place
now there's no escape

hope hope hope
i don't end on a rope
my mind is illegal
now i'm in your scope

work work work
just to clean and jerk
my eyes are so blank
not a trace of smirk

try try try
not to wanna die
if you don't play the game
might as well be goodbye

hoop hoop hoop
i'm a rat in a loop
there's no end to how low
i have to stoop

pain pain pain
it surrounds my brain
everyone around me
they are insane

fool fool fool
i'm another fool
40 years later
i'll be covered in drool

please please please
can't i do as i please
i won't hurt nobody
i just wanna be free

no no no
they won't let me go
i am their product
and they own my soul

bait bait bait
i need food on my plate
i'm not strong enough
to resist the rape

free free free
i just wanna be free
why won't everybody
just leave me be



Fuck The Sheep

fuck the sheep scene, fuck those creeps
fuck every single fucking human sheep
fuck their shallow social waste of life
fuck their fake smiles with my knife

fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
put them to sleep

fuck their sheep face, fuck their lies
fuck you sheep, you're the ones i despise
fuck their enabling of our total death
kill the sheep, silence their breathe

fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
put them to sleep

fuck their styles and their wastes of time
killing the sheep shouldn't be a crime
fuck their lives and fuck their laws
kill the sheep, time to sharpen my claws

fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
put them to sleep

fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
fuck the sheep
go back to sleep



People Are Murdered

i look in your eyes i can't tell you're alive
every word out your mouth is all lies
you really expect me to be what you want
you really enjoy fitting into your slot

i don't drive a car and i never will
watching tv makes me want to kill
bisphenol a flows through my blood
a thousand cancers are in my food

haven't you noticed all the immune diseases
cheese made of glass in your gourmet pizzas
drowning in garbage decomposing nation
what about the residual radiation?

i know you're too dumb to think at all
you want to shop and that's fucking all
it must be nice to be so numb
as fun as depleted uranium

one eyed babies that have no hands
can't compete with 3d iron man
and all the sewage flowing through your head
doesn't matter you'll soon be dead

innocent people with their limbs blown off
sit on the couch just jerking off
invisible poisons in every breath
time of your life and a living death

it's all hidden away not to be seen
so keep pretending you're a human being
but you're not even close, fucking creep
i have no idea how you even sleep

people are murdered because you don't care
people are murdered while you're in your lawn chair
people are murdered while you're unaware
people are murdered while you sit and stare



Eyes All Over Me

i watch the eyes
crawl all over me
oozing down
between my legs

i feel sick
i feel sick

i watch the hands
pretend they're friends
the smile is gone
the eyes are dead

i feel sick
i feel sick

i watch the mouth
tell lies til the end
the tongue is drawn
the eyes are slick

i feel sick
i feel sick



We Are All Neutralized

you talk about the sheep
but you're one too
and so are we all
cuz nothing's what we do

talk and judge and swallow lies
we believe without the facts
about illuminati bullshit
and conspiracy fucking crap

you think your mind is open
but the same as what you hate
you think you are enlightened
but you're just another flake

talk and judge and swallow lies
we believe without the facts
about illuminati bullshit
and conspiracy fucking crap

in what was do you disobey
that will take away their power?

obey gives them power
disobey gives them power

we are all neutralized
we are all neutralized
we are all neutralized



The Ultimate Fucking Brainwashed Whore

i have dreams
that i am iron man
flying around
all across the land
everyone is afraid
of my powers
crashing through
the twin towers
underneath i'm made
of hamburger meat
ketchup blood
and mustard sweet
my eyes are [bleep]
double cheese and more
i am the ultimate
fucking brainwashed whore



Puppets Of The Lie

lost in a hole
social systematic relays
jibbering sunshiney freaks
machine total void
sputtering diseases
rubber love robot
medicated dilated
mechanical magic
blinking on
blanked out
empty sleeping lives
motioning bleeding
streaming silence
the wires
running from the liars
mechanical eyes
plastic minds
mutate perception
your living is killing
killing everything



Sucking Up The Nothing

my car the whore
i fuck it more
drink up think down
close close this door

shallow swallow melting yellow
breathe deaths decay
don't hear don't see
turn and look look away

hiding behind right behind
the tender chickens head twitched
we're dead brainwashed castrated
volumed up locking switched

we are all failing
we are the ones to blame
and who do you think
will pay for it tomorrow anyway

your children are dead
stillborn in the future brain dead
no hope no reason sheep baaa
look up come be lead

hooking lies and beheadlines
cash grabbed it's all gone bad
question nothing turn off turn off
staring at the keypad

laughing at your laughing
but it's falling and it's burning
here it comes you're running
but it's too big and it's turning

escaping idle counting
money lips are smacking
peeling back the face skin
ugly ugly broken cracking

lying dying filing dancing
bodies packed on ice
prying lying evil
yes i know that you are nice

squealing breeding fetus coffin
giving nothing back
entertainment pathos
give me give me snack snack snack

killing all your filling
you don't dare, care or feel
blood on blood runs streaming
crunching crushed under your wheel

fooling you you're drooling
numb and number day by day
killing poised spilling poison
feelings paved away

swallow down the watered down
smile happy happy i'm fine
look at me i look like you
i'm good i'm good got no spine

love me love me counting time bomb
countdown make me breed
sucking up the nothing
while the mice feed their need

now your eyes are lying
see you don't see
crumpled up garbage
talk walk talking on your knees

believe me you'll be leaving soon
or sooner don't be late
wallowing in believing
machined voices in heat

up inside so deeply feel
the feeling tense up hard
systems got you all choked up
tears fall on business cards

bleaker getting weaker
marching step dance to the tune
chains surround the spirit
smother out the light within you

following through the matrix
smell the smiling happy teeth
wincing through the beating
swollen bruised up piece of meat

follow the leader please me
we do crawl on our backs
worship whores spit
powerless against the tv attacks

zombie inside my machine brain
vote vote choke flushed down the drain
gave it all away today
they own you eat your pill