Terrorist Lipgloss "Corporate Implanted Thought" (2010)

Produced by Randy Prozac


Corporate Implanted Thought

while everything dies
the laugh track rolls on
fooled by this corporation
and this legislation

this degradation
towards this degeneration
into nothing
and nothing

corporate implanted thought
you brainwash you
nothing ever changes



you make me feel so cold
you were my blackberry bold

i'm your object
i'm your toy
i'm your loving
motorola droid

nothing will ever
come between us
you and i connected
through google nexus

it's a samsung galaxy
and it's yours and mine
mytouch 3G
inside your mind

my memory card
touches your lip
feel my heat
on your GPS chip

all i wanted
in the palm of my hand
hi-res display
through my optical band

need you now
i need your cord
plug me back
into your motherboard


Sacred Facebook

sacred facebook deep inside
filling holes where should be souls

sacred facebook need it now
want it in me so deep down

sacred facebook feel no shame
so much fun to play the game

sacred facebook full of friends
that i cling to, to the very end

sacred facebook not alone
correlated through my smartphone

sacred facebook so complete
edit your friends keep things neat

sacred facebook here i am
nsa information scam

sacred facebook hear me now
lock me up just like a cow

sacred facebook on my screen
my ego fantasy jerkoff dream

sacred facebook time well spent
keep us controlled as we're meant


Empty Out Today

waking nightmares never ending
broken mind becomes token vending

reeking poison into animal brain
broken screaming evil animal pain

i can't be you, i can't be anything
can't be nothing unseen you in me

i'm simply sickened
fuck your idiot brain

hot transformers look
"you're insane"

i can't be you, i can't be anything
can't be nothing unseen you in me

i'm simply sickened
fuck your idiot brain

hot transformers look
"you're insane"

see me see you see you're just a slave
just a slave craving your own grave

can't afford it on your zombie wage
can't afford to save you today

tomorrow's nothing and empty out today
there's no cursor where you're going to be

there's no itunes when your body dies
party rockin' garbage tombstone eyes

a virus in the silence.


Silicone Baby

silicone baby

as real as you wanna be
platinum toxicity
fake like you
and me

silicone baby

plastic and tight
partying into the night

silicone baby

rubber lips
polymer hips

silicone baby

now so shapely
plastic and cheap

silicone baby

don't mean maybe
as long as you believe
your frankenbody
will succeed

silicone baby

i can see in your eyes
you believe all those lies
i can see between your thoughts
the reasons for all your lies

silicone maybe
don't be a baby

don't ask me why
your painted on eyes
your pathetic lies
i do despise

your plastic size
silicone baby

you make me sick
not quite as slick
absorbing the poison
of that which you've chosen

fake lives
polymer thighs
plastic eyes
your disguise