Terrorist Lipgloss "As The Links Fade Away" (2008)

Produced by Randy Prozac



As The Links Fade Away

does it make you feel good about yourself
when you stand up to one injustice in the world?

and you post about it in your facebook stream
so that everyone can see that you stand for "something"

and encourage others to boycott that company in your facebook links
while you use their fuel and eat their food and suck up electricity

and as the links fade away
you forgot already
but you had your say

and you know that you don't take no shit
not as long as you can click click click
now you feel so good about yourself
you clicked to save that rain forest

you clicked in self righteous ignorance
you reaped your ego-driven protest rant
and soon you'll forget
as the links fade away

the corporation pacified you today
you've gone off now to eat your food
that forests gone but keep clicking dude

click and click and sit and stare
two minutes hate you ain't going nowhere
you stood on your digital soapbox
while all your "friends" just jerked their cocks

and nothing changed anyway
except your facebook status today
you'll never know that you're completely insane
as long as you keep youself entertained.



The Systems Wet Dream

you're miles behind the systems lies
you'll never catch up, you're a thousand steps behind

they're so far ahead of you
it's not even funny so off you go slave

go count your money
they've got you covered from every angle

try to stop them you'll just be mangled
maybe you could but you're too slow

you should have started a hundred years ago
you're in denial when you talk about change

you're hand to mouth and they're long range
you spent your life staring at a tv

while they sharpened plans across their committees
it ain't about fair it's who's got the knife

and your big plan was just to find a wife
your ill-prepared to challenge the machine

just because you feel you should be in on the scheme
your in for suprise because you're all dupes

fight against the systems wet-op troops
manipulated into attacking the machine

you are the systems wet dream

they'll knock you down and fuck with you some more
and make you help them engineer a civil war

systems rotted through and can never be changed
if you believe otherwise i say you're deranged

prepare to have no foodno home or security
nothing short of total death will stop the systems dream

so shut your mouth when you talk about changing the system, dude
it's toxic waste that should be flushed and you'll be living off dog food

you can't manage your own lifethat's why you depend on machine
cut it's cord into anarchy another shit regime

you're no better, likely worse than what you claim to hate
peace and love go down the drain when the animals come to rape

so give up all your objects and fun and every luxury
because your systems worse, a lord of the flies state of ignorant anarchy

fuck his system and fuck yours you both still play the game
go back to sleeping on the couch and dream your video game.



Pope Rape Pope

here he comes just like an ape
his hat is off it's time to rape
his cock is hard and it's poking out
the boys line up to suck his spout

now it's time for the roman feast
pope rams it in he's a fucking beast
hot rod pounding anal probe
asshole blood gets on his robe

first boy's down now 5 to go
now the pope he wants a blow
doesn't look like it will fit
the papal guard lubes the pope with spit

now the pope is fuckin' rocking
his cock takes turns and the boys keep sucking
he grabs a boy and breaks his spine
and makes the boy do an auto six nine

he's getting tired and feeling feeble
so he gets out the heroin needle
then in comes the other pope
he caught wind of the papal grope

he drops his robe and the boys scream
ignoring them he applies vaseline
now the popes old cocks are flying
the first boy now seems to be dying

that's ok the popes get harder
they jerk each other into a fervor
remaining boys get tossed aside
as pope on pope penis slide inside

each pope has cock in his ass
the papal circle has come to pass
they fuck and jerk with hate and anger
now pope rape pope is getting stronger

you can see the cock-pain in their eyes
but they won't stop until one of them dies
pope rape pope there is no jokin'
now some ribs are getting broken

they bite each other like rabid dogs
which one wins is the pope rape god
they lock together tight as a vise
their squeaking assholes attract some mice

the rodents stare then begin feeding
pope anal blood is constantly bleeding
now they fuck just like a machine
the papal guards are turning green

their assholes still makin' that squeaking
just like back when he became a deacon
one of their cocks has broken off
but he ain't stopping no matter the cost

his papal stump is pounding away
while the other popes cock eroded away
their cock pulp thrusts what is just scab
they twist and pull and jerk and stab

then suddenly they lose their breath
looks like the popes have bled to death