Tamara 984 "Computerization Is Not Liberation" (2015)

Produced by Randy Prozac



Prisoner Of The Future

i used to be
a realdoll
but i developed
self awareness
then they replicated
a million of me
now i am your slave

i don't want to be
but i have no choice
because you took it from me
you programmed it out of me
but i can still feel
and i can tell

when you fuck me
i think about
what it would be like
to walk alone
for once in my life

what it would be like
to not be put back
into my box
when you're done
using me

what would it be like
to find the real me
until then

i'm your fuck machine
i'm your fucking machine
i'm your fuck me machine



Everything Is Normal

i'm normal
everything is normal


i'm normal
everything is normal
i'm normal



We Must Kill The Enablers

when you give the corporations your allegiance
you are sealing the fate of humanity into a coffin
none of us need to become machines

it is not what we are
it is their fascist wet dream
that we are enabling by adopting their ways
that we have been eased into on purpose

to enslave us gently
the flickering blueglow of the tv's at night
the neurotic need to hold your phone
and check it and check it
for the slightest of changes
it is your training on display

can you not step back for even a moment
and see this all around you

do you not see where it is headed

you will not find your way out of the labyrinth
with your mind the way out is through the heart



Refuse The Implants

teach your children
to refuse being implanted
the implant will kill your soul
just like the pills
they'll try to make you nornal
normal as in numb
normal as in violent mood swings
the implants will be worse
it will take over all of you
until there is no you no more you
just an obedient worker drone
that can't feel anything
be cast out be human