Randy Prozac "Toxic Black Magic" (2014)

Produced by Randy Prozac


Toxic Black Magic

do not speak to me
you speak the mantras
of the machine
with its sexual video game
mind control
the glowing robotic
tv tit of the machine
burrowing into
your subconsciousness
that you suck
like a vampire
a corpse
in its casket
you are
on your couch
with your dupont chemicals
plutonium flakes
floating everywhere
your comatose
vegetable braindeath
your brain
rotting in your skull
sucking up designer opinions
like a five dollar alley whore
too stupid to spit it out
your infected mind
jacking itself off
to the mk ultra
mechanical laughter
backing up the double speak
of the vomit spewing
from the stand-up comedians
diffusing you
your engineered self perception
unparallelled by the extermination centres
inside of your memory cells

toxic black magic

nurturing conditioning
hypnagogic magic
in lies they trained us
so wrong is now right?

images infecting me
words entrancing me
technologic spells
contaminated purity

burning body smoke
a few teeth remain
it didn't matter
that you're living a lie?

faded blood and cloth
melting meat and thoughts
the no one inside me
now it's all gone

the nothing in my heart
a little piece of forever
broken inside me
taped over for life


Like A Deer In The Headlights

look at your peers
and you can see how they are being sculpted
by poisonous thoughts
from magazines and elsewhere
detrimental self-destructive neurosis

the media negates these differences
in favor of a few 'select' modes of being
they make a person truly believe
that they are ugly
with distortions of perception

the variety of human perception and experience
is being homogenized
into a generic preset template
a shell of a human being
the unity they describe is global soft-slavery
the integration they tell us we need
is only into the internment facility called society

watch people in a room with the tv on
try and talk to them
watch their eyes constantly wander
to the screen
listen to their brains liquify
as their own thoughts are overwritten
like a deer in the headlights


The Nasty Moths Favorite Flame

a reactionary transmutation
of negative feelings
another rope in the darkness
communicating like an omen

give into the black hole
and suck me back inside of it
i won't break the cycle
i am haunted by it

in the flesh into the soul
i believe in the hands of fate
i won't let it i promised
to sense to taste and touch

howling, longing, writhing
desires tear me into parts
to run blind into the forest
with no care
if i make it through intact


TV Erases You

video has destroyed rational thought
it flashes the brain and wipes it clean
replaces you with it
people don't like themselves
they don't like existing
they don't want to think about being
they only want to be titillated
and locked into the external
anything that will prevent the descent

tv erases you
it makes it
so you can relate to others who have been erased
you can all compare notes
on it's meaningless data
that you believe represents
who you are
that you have in common
because the inner self
was deleted and replaced

words are far more seductive
than an endless amount of scrambled neurons
from tv signal images and frequencies
force feeding you distorted notions
on the subconscious level
penetrating into your dreams
replacing your visions with ...


The Inner Sickness

you're disconnected, powerless..
flushing your mind down the toilet
worshiping the misanthropic apparatus
cramming your rotting corpse hole
full of hamburgers and chemicals
your psychotic suicidal cult behavior
believing the mechanisms
of the social engineering agencies
the inner sickness
the mechanical death psychosis
of the dead souls
and shadow archetypes
letting the corporations
do your thinking for you
your consensus suicidal demonomania
destroying the world
so hard not to vomit
in your face
your car is an extension
of your penis


Corporate Militarized Hallucinations

the brainwashing machine
corporate militarized hallucinations
traumatizing to the subconsciousness
induced experiences you have become so desensitized

an unhuman and psychopathic state
it's no surprise that society has sunk
into such a state of decrepitude
it's no accident either