Randy Prozac "Throwing Shade On The Aids Parade" (2021)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Your Daily Soma

the falsified pandemic is designed
to push people away from communities
and force them into controlled
virtual environments “metaverses”
where certain ideas that challenge
the establishment are silenced
the metaverse is controlled by its own CCP
and if it ever becomes a democracy
the elections will always be hacked
in favor of the puppeteers
you think pandemics will ever go away?
they’ll make them worse
if it keeps them power by herding us
into a completely controlled
metaverse environment
just one of the many DAVOS
spinning plates in operation
designed primarily
to distract the population
from the DAVOS ongoing controlled collapse
of western civilisation
and their imposition of totalitarianism
and the "great reset"
not to mention the distraction
from the global depopulation program
when will you learn
that the people you support
are the ones enslaving you?
biometric obedience score
UBI allotment, the great clot
be happy or be canceled
by a remotely activated
spike protein cytokine storm
Boschian dreams broadcasting
down from satellite machines
ultra utopian visions from sodomwood
mandated happiness
masses of people begging for enslavement
mass hypnosis
control all water, air, fire and earth
all food and housing regulated
monitored electricity
throwing kids into the moloch shaped furnaces
needing fuel sooner than you "should"
disgusting non-stop global medical psyop
peaceful riots, legalized shoplifting
illegal lockdowns and ridiculous shutdowns
drowning in mountains of medical lies
and criminal vaccine mandates
you'll be quarantining at home full time
in your tiny rented pod
eating soy and bugs, delivered to your home
watching Netflix
and going on virtual reality vacations
in some metaverse
rich people
and people with enough Bitcoin and social credit
will still live in real homes, going on real vacations
eating steak, having real sex
not you, though...



Born Cancelled

you'll have to listen to the idiot sheep
listening to the MSM
spewing the same
toilet propaganda 24/7
everything is fake
things you don't think are connected
are all part of the same plan
corporations moving with
concerted monopolistic behavior
we are told to believe
that these corporations
are responding to consumer
and stakeholder demands
but instead we see big tech
big surveillance, big banking
and corporations
building out a fascist super state
these corporations are owned
by a handful of corporations
which in turn are controlled
by a few financial institutions
which are themselves controlled
by a group called Vanguard
whose ownership is secret
this group uses it power
to cause these different entities
to work in concert
wokeness is paid astroturf
Soros, Gates, Fauci, et al
all agents
the media is an infomercial
their stories promoting
wokeness and globalism
are propaganda from a single source
these groups are all compartmentalized
parts of the great plan
we have been attacked
and we are under attack
see where the puppet strings
are connecting to the would-be
emperor of the world
this is where the machine stops
to suck its own cock
because people really that dumb
and brainwashed
they believe that complying with tyranny
is a winning strategy
when a society is ruled by authoritarians
bent on domination
the government abusers
will lash out at the people
and become increasingly violent
emotionally and physically
the people are victims
of abuse from abusive governments
that gaslight them
create scapegoats
and then begin killing their own people
in order to "save them"
seeing the truth and taking control
causes the abuser to lose their power
the people need to take control
identify and remove
the abusers from public office
the education system and the MSM
they are all psychopaths
when psychpathic personalities
get into positions of power
the abuse will only get worse
until the abused take control
or they are killed
room 101 is now portable



The Next Byte Of The Apple

if we want to fight tyranny
we have to be s.m.a.r.t.
don't destroy cell towers
don't destroy street cameras
don't burn banks and ATM's
don't cut fiber cables
don't destroy chip manufacturing plants
we lived without social media and cellphones
only a few decades ago
we can do it again
protesting doesn't work
a hundred years ago
it might have been able
to get JP Morgan in a huff
but not anymore
now, they control everything
including your DNA
they are not affected
just another ball
shot into the hole
the quantum computer spoke in mandarin
and foretold these domino's
Nathaniel Rothschild
wouldn't even interrupt his badminton game
to hear about it
weaponized against your own selves
all thoughts, actions and reactions predicted
and modelled by computer
this isn't like "the before times"
when a horde of angry townfolk
went looking for Frankenstein's monster
now they have occult technologies
and so, we'll just destroy everything
steal everything
standing around and chanting
believing tha tyou have the power
against a technological
satanic juggernaut
they'll just turn everything off
and blame it on solar flares and climate change
let you kill each other
or maybe take out
a few token political puppets and cops
news anchors and innumerable innocent people
before they ramp up the mind control satellites
or release another plague
or set another forest on fire
or engineer another drought and famine
another tsunami
you defeat the schwabian cybersatan
not until you learn how to reprogram
the quadrupeds and satellites
preparing humanity
for the next byte of the apple