Randy Prozac "Relics Of A Doomed Level Zero Civilization" (2022)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Critical Rodent Theory

pelosi eaten out by jen psaki
when she asked herself out loud
"why is there chunks of carrot, peas and
something like ensure in here?"
when joe biden yelled from the hallway
"because I just puked in there"

lgbt and black worship
is the new communism
the fall of the roman empire
but with wi-fi
baby, The c02 scam
is a death cult religion

population demographics change
dropped viruses and vax bioweapons
for a one world dictatorship
the rule is gyrating chaos
while the rich elites get richer
china owns our farmland

as the anti c02 cult nations get stronger
the western republics
will be destroying themselves
transforming your genetic code
into multiple sub-species
a genetic caste system

this is the 4th reich
the flu was relabeled
mrna shots are the new zyklon b
they want a brave new world
on the cusp of soylent green
pretty pictures on a screen
during life ending injection
baby, nothing is unplanned

food shortages, fuel shortages
will lead to digital rationing
it's a manner of control
make us so interconnected
disconnected from vital needs
baby, we can't fight back
as they tighten the chains

if you loved lockdowns for the common cold
get ready for lockdowns to save the planet
emp took out the grids and internet
bill gates took out the rest of it

i'm talking false flag, polygon, blame it on russia
geoengineered weather killing the harvests
supply chains blocked, all of it deliberately
no work or income, widespread destitution

pol pot called it year zero, schwab, the great reset
social credit score tied to your vaccine status
those who believe the in c02 'killing the world' story
are chumps of the globalists
the elites puppet fools
baby, i didn't say nothing about the jews
injecting you with nano spew

genetically altering you
messing around preparing you
for the implants coming soon
they will shoot you
baby, then vaccinate your corpse
the death certificate will say you died of covid



WEF Pussy

gaslight and doublespeak
they need you weak
WEF pussy
hypersexualize under age children

yeah, the goal is to destroy the nuclear family
preventing healthy well-adjusted adults from breeding
talking to third graders about sexual orientation is pederasty
how is that not sexual abuse of a minor?
disgusting scum as role models
kill them all shoot them in the face
lick that coke off the credit card

agitprop to subdivide
all of them deserve to die
crawl out their mouth
maggots and flies
a culture of shit
destroying your mind

light 'em up, burn 'em alive
as doomsday metastasized
grooming kids they want to fuck
walpurgisnacht in the masonic lodge

particle beam into your brain
remote controlled with graphene
nanotech in your bloodstream
as they kill you and your dreams

devotees of sodomy
reshape society
normalize the abnormality
corrupt governments
funding woke minority
zionist jews pushing for diversity

they're all shit, empty the clip
we are at war with the bolsheviks
no coexistence until we see them all hanged
look up from the board
if you wanna end the game

light the fuse of the antidote
kill everyone on tv
indoctrinated with maledictions
kill everyone at the university

mental institutions of communism
kill that city council
constant waves of propaganda
from the netflix movies

neurotransmitters have been broken
disrupt all thinking via computer
identically fake terminally global
you're hooked on it
now you're bipolar

it will be funny when they're beheaded
nuclear sun burned out your retina's
it's all engineered so that you forget it
copy and pasted reduced to pathetic

their wrists should be slit
throats should be choked
the body bag turned into smoke
they wanna crush your every everything
then control you by fuckin' remote

gatekeepers and liars
pedos and commies
infecting the psychic pituitary body
infesting the coiling spinal life energies
a life deathlike defiled and grimy

a scholar of the shit ditch
smartphones are leashes
a guinea pig injected
with the treatment

spreading the disease
you have nothing to believe in
turn on the floodlights
and get ready for a beating

their souls are drained
they suck your brain tissue
breathing in the gaslight
like a useless eater

your command key
is being fingered
puking from disgust
before the world leaders

they all need to hang
they're all the same gang
we can start the healing
with their bloodstains

kill bill gates with a drill bit
kill yuval harari, i wanna spill his brains
yeah, now you're fucking with some WEF pussy
some one please kill klaus schwab
gimme everything you got for some WEF pussy

now crush his head, cut it off
that's some WEF pussy
use a hatchet, snuff him out
that's some WEF pussy
i'm talkin' WEF WEF WEF
that's some WEF pussy
nathaniel rothschild's head in a pot
that's some WEF pussy



mutant viruses clot shots vaxxed to death
you been targeted for agenda 21
globalists attack you with their sanctions
shut down energy until we starve to death

no more freedom in the collapsing nations
millions of people need to be deprogrammed
the insanity has reached fever pitch
come back to reality no more woke neurosis

cut off your titties and your testes
drink your sewage eat your bugs get your booster shots
programmed currency spend it only where approved
be less male be less white be less heterosexual

just a serf on the oligarch plantation
covid bots spraying down going up the nose
fake pandemic so contrived you can see the puppet strings
MSM breathlessly report "threat to democracy"

hypnotic chants induce psychopathy
in the "new normal" globalists planned for us
one world wide psychological wet op
the elites plan for famine lockdowns and death camps

engineered war emp financial crash
securing their right to ruin humanity
they'll use false flags to get what they want
whatever happens is their psyops

hooked to the machine all day and night
five companies control your thoughts and feelings
the real world ends up the not real world
a bizarro world created by the CERN supercollider

topped off with graphene oxide or reception gets fuzzy
sexually farmed davos boil-in-bag baby
covid vaccines killed more people than auschwitz ever did
sun ray eye disc surrounded by homosexuals

controlling your minds with designer terrorism
time for your shots and tags mm mm globogolem
starve millions to death in premeditated attack
bow before the image of the god we have built or die

whole world depopulation
all the walmart's they will become
covid camps for extermination
where they make corpse flavored bug chips yum yum

myocarditis and thrombosis
brain dysfunctions immune deficiency and death
you've been infected by the vaccinated
this is stage one of transhumanism program

standing in line at the funeral home
everyone's face buried into their phones
transuntermensch for slavery purposes
the only survivors of the depopulation program

the 4th reich the forced industrial revolution
a serpent wrapped around a branch of pharmakeia
the biggest scam in recorded human history
eugenic murder disguised as charity

machiavellian scum watching the world burn
cancer augmenting drugs pushed on everyone
from oxygen deprivation to indoctrination
from inoculation to cremation