Randy Prozac "Neutralized Human Dream" (2009)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Mechanical Wet Screen

hey you, you look so dumb
on your smart phone
in oblivion a useless drone
is what you want to be
just a machine thinking nothing
soulless wireless hypnotized deathlife
it's your fantasy to be USB
it's your fantasy to be a software update
with no memory card and mute button
remote controlled into the final hole
live on rockband 3 the living deathdream
backseat tv screen backdoor control scheme
staring eyecubes empty mind you choose
staring at your screen your deathlike daydream
thank you rudolph hess for nintendo 3ds
keep you paralyzed while you do your time
suicide deathmachine mechanical wet dream
hopeless wasting flesh wifi frequency test



I Exclude

day after day
hour after hour
we're living in chains
of the invincible power
you do want
to live on your knees
i wanna die
just to be free
free of this jail
you call a home
free from this sickness
that pours out your hole
you are content
to sleep and to breed
but what you got
is not what i need
i can't look
i don't wanna see
this cesspool
called society
there's nothing in it
that i wanna take
every aspect
of life is fake
you can lead
but i won't follow
inside of your head
it's only hollow
your mind is a stump
hacked off at the need
i'm going to be sick
when you're looking at me
you'll get by
and you'll make do
this world is yours
and i exclude