Randy Prozac "En Vivo" (2016)

Shrink Raped
Facebook Slut
New World Nothing
Machines Eyes

Shrink Raped

we enslave ourselves and blame the others, those that control the world are only a diseased manifestation of ourselves.. our own lack of inner development.. it is our fault because we allow it, because we are lazy and do not really care about anything except for our immediate existence and distracting ourselves from it because it is inadequate.. there are numerous vicious circles constantly spinning in modern society.. but all it takes for change is one link of the chain to snap and the rest will unravel. we cling to the chains, they are all we have known.

we oil the links and protect them.. we feed power into our enslavement.. we need it.. humanity is too immature to have it any other way.. as if they could devise a better system? they can figure out the complex remote but they can't make a fork or a spearhead.. some of us could live in peace but most of us would become barbaric within a week..we are merely well-adjusted robots that lie to ourselves.

dressing up our instincts and drives like they are anything more than primitive impulses.. the body must survive and it will take over if it feels threatened.. and now that our basic needs are mechanized and readily available to those who submit, we have truly become a parody of what we were meant to be.

we want freedom.. freedom from what? from ourselves? the needs of the body? surely that must be the fractured core of the problem in our schizoid self... everything we do seems rooted in escaping the ultimate prison.. the body.. its only celebrated use is in the indulgence of self gratification.

we allow the leaders to take the blame and hope they will fix the external problems, but the external problems are a symptom of our inner decay.. what we see in the world is what we have become within, all of us.. no matter our intentions.. we enable it.. even though we decry it.. we also created it, and we maintain it.. through deception from above..but that is a manifestation of our self deception.

your average myopic pig does not care beyond its needs to eat and fuck, it is not concerned with the development of the self, it only wants to satiate its impulses. and now that it has replicated itself into the billions, we have the world we live in.. complete with the most degenerate climbed to the top of the tree.

and even though some of us realize this.. it is not enough.. that doesn't mean they should not change their own inner self.. but just look at what you see and truly see it.. not through the phantasms of the internet and its manufactured delusions.. but in the world around your own self.. and within.

it is our collective fault. we are the base of the pyramid, that tiny little capstone has no power, it uses our power, that is the nature of parasites.. through deception or not, ignorance is no excuse, we are completely to blame, even though we seem to be backed into a corner, we are not. we are just lazy and prefer to believe that someone else will fix it and that it's someone elses problem. that is easy to believe when your mind is filled with hallucinations induced by screens. do we even perceive reality? when we buy meat do we hear the screams of the animal and the stench of shit and blood?

we are psychologically shrink wrapped little portions. i do not accept that we are so weak that we cannot defend ourselves, we are lazy but we have all the power. all of it. all of it. we are just compartmentalized and trapped in the hamster wheel, we are worn down.. but we could change it all if we wanted. that will never happen though because too many of us are undeveloped beasts.. we would undermine ourselves.

no one should be permitted to hoard resources while so many suffer. that is a crime against humanity that we are taught to embrace, as if it were noble and indicative of prowess, and not just a disgusting selfish urge enabled by an obsolete economic system.