Randy Prozac "Cloud Of Transhumanity" (2022)


Cloud Of Transhumanity

all remaining human beings
controlled by iot networks
bare injected bodies
no longer autonomous

functioning in the cloud
of transhumanity
powered by millimeter waves
and starlink satellites

fractal nano-antenna
in brain and body
connecting everyone
who exists within it

controlled by intra-body nano-octopi
connected to a central hive mind
where only the injected are equipped
to participate in the metaverse

and once they're fully integrated
they'll never be allowed to leave
people turned into
bluetooth accessories




dna samples
by the millions collected
through fraudulent pcr testing
used for the development
of future biological weapons
intentional artificial
supply chain roadblocks
the middle class
crushed and eliminated
totalitarian controls
technocracy established
no food left that isn't gmo
drowning in propaganda
re-education camps are being built
we're all in this together
you're an insurrectionist
an anti-government dissident