Pudgy Loboto Moms "Catastrophic Pleonasms" (2024)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Cruising For Burgers With All The Fixin's

big thanksgiving turkey ball baster
fetal alcohol donut hole taster

put totem pole in stinky dumpster
only good tit squirt lumpy upward

my bologna's name is supersized
all beef log with boneless thighs

silly rabbi, dicks are for kids

chubby moms lobotomized
chubby moms lobotomized
chubby moms lobotomized
chubby moms lobotomized

cruising for burgers with all the fixin's
mom made gravy with all the drippings
greasy rings got your hotdog sizzling
fish lips rub her clammy nibblings

cruising for burgers with all the fixin's
juicy muffins for buttery foreskins
bigfoot pizza threw up in kitchen
testicles jiggling sickens chickens

cruising for burgers with all the fixin's
smelly creamy chipmunk squishings
hairy meat party with mr. mittens
stir the sauce until it thickens

cruising for burgers with all the fixin's
pasty pockets soft like kittens
rock hard pogo's frozen glisten
egging pink bubblegum ribbons



Dribbly Triglycerides

nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven
it's the wiggle that makes me giggle
nothing sucks like an electrolux
there’s always room for J-E-L-L-0

mom show breasts to dirty pygmies
me eat roast beef sandwich angry

me pound gland with dirty mitties
flicking bic spit thrusting sticky

burger slime up greasy hole
small fries hard on no front lobe

ham on ham on spongiform
make head soft as possible

hostess lays fondling trout
one big cheeto log come out

leaky nipples pancakes bulging
lettuce hold the pickle pumping

mom no tell me where's my dick
she no tell me worried sick



Pudge Loboto Burgertime

pudge loboto burgertime
chicken strips and breadsticks rise
junior bacon slips on slide
cheeses runny deep inside

brain amoebas go down on
pudgy cunt with waterwings on
dog meat stink of tater tots
puddles bubbling clumpy clots

sloppy wetjets soaking swiffer
scratchy sniff fat puffy sticker
triple melt hot 2 beef stiffer
fries supreme soft taco licker

chubby crapping swimming trunks
down legs pouring reeking chunks
thumping pud with grubby stumps
spurting globs of curdled spunk

erect sebaceous filthy blubber
shriveled clump of dirty butter
looking for recycled rubber
lubrication from the gutter

jerking plugged up fizzle sputter
coming out like peanut butter
dripping tip imported snickers
kosher mixed nutella dippers

pushing spongy inside donut
little smokies poking cold cut
salmon pink deposit sockets
big potato stands and vomits