Ninth Xanax "Faking Through The Matrix" (2011)

Produced by Randy Prozac



Faking Through The Matrix

and then it ends
and then you're over
every moment you had
is now deleted
and that's probably a good thing
because it was all a lie
and you were just a waste
and none of it mattered anyway
to anyone ever
if you were here
or if you were not here
it didn't matter
did you matter to you're own self
to the self that never became anything
but a timid poodle
with its tiny eyes wide open
eager to please
willing to do anything
to get that approval
from garbage people
who deserve no respect
and should never have been to begin with
the quivering bowl of jell-o
you grew into being
the identical mold
again and again
forever and ever
the same little animal
locked away in its cozy little cage
dreaming of the next treat
it might receive
if it does as its been shown
the same thoughts
as him and them
the same expressions
the same face
the exact same way
as her and them
over and over
again and again
until its paved right over you
and drilled right through you
until you are it
and it is you
one blank page lying to another
another broken mirror
faking through the matrix