Ninth Xanax "Facebook Superspecial" (2012)

Produced by Randy Prozac


Mark Of The Beast

all the intricacies of feeling
the finer details of emotions
every convolution and facet
a thousand layers of nuance
all of it eradicated by the neutered emoticons
the rudimentary reduction of the self
stripped down and streamlined
like an easy-to-swallow gel cap
how did everything become so weak?
how did everything become so superficial
and meaningless?
hundreds of associations assigned
to what we perceive is the self
all of them are external
a matter of taste and preference
none of the external definitions
have anything to do with who we are
they are fabricated illusions
the robotic brain trying to index
the human heart
those are your parameters
set by you
the way in which i perceive you
is through my interpretation
of those parameters set by you
filtered by and through
my parameters of perception
preset people want to be
unaware of the self
in a state of self definition
we become merely a running index of reactions
and not a true and pure revelation emanating
not the pure 'you'
still contaminated
limited by finite experience
as the clock runs out
not able to purely emanate
something from the source
it has to pass through too many human filters
becoming polluted before it manifests
understand that all the definitions
you are trying to assign
have nothing to do with you
this world has nothing to do with you
let go of trying to define yourself
through the lens of this place
the building process
is the outward realization
of the subconscious mind
the primal core
where words mean nothing
the only language it has
is in glyphs and shapes
the primordial mother tongue
the building blocks of consciousness
the foundation of the self
unweaving the threads
for a closer look
of what you are
in this frozen moment
the snake swallows its tail
once again