MK Chucky Cheese "Stroking The Remote" (2012)

Produced by Randy Prozac



Hot Wet Ready Foreign Policies

well i like controllers and i like greed
and being a pawn of foreign policies
so fuck you haters and your glassy stares
when the cops come getcha you'll be unaware

don't turn the channel bitch, you'll turn it up
don't diss my team or i'll fuck you up
i love regulations and i love the city
and the cop shot the unarmed man, i have no pity

they shot him dead, hey nice titties
come here baby, i'm your prosthetic daddy
up on my lap and bent over knee
i'll fuck you in the ass with foreign policy

yeh we're chucky cheese outta mk ultra
and yo bitch is dumb, don't know mk ultra
nevermind bitch that's not your place
come on over here sit on my face

cuz temple of set robot's in the house
sticking out like the wire in the head of a mouse
yo chucky cheese up the dose holmes
send more juice down them electrodes

they're on their knees and they're wet and ready
gonna fuck 'em with a knife just like nightmare freddy
mk chucky cheese knows what the bitches want
and temple of set likes 'em magazine gaunt

so baby butter spread on the icecream bombs
and all you pigs put your backs to the walls
don't turn down a wrong way fuckin' street
or your baby's gonna be my meat

wires run through my every bone
it plays my tunes and it's my phone
fuck the wildlife and fuck the seas
hot wet ready foreign policies



Kill The Leaders

people are fucked and they deserve to die
i'm way fucking past eye for an eye
they follow the leader, some worthless rich fuck
blow out his brains before he can duck

yeah that's right mk chucky cheese
pop that rockefeller's cap back
put 'em down into the ground, you tell 'em boyee

behead your boss

poison the beer at all the bars
strap bombs underneath the police cars
fuck 'em all until they're cold and dead
shoot the president in the fucking head

ha ha that's right chucky cheese
blow his bitch brains out on live tv boyee
that'll be the day my man

comin' soon to imax

put aids in all vaccinations
and drop plutonium on all the nations
string 'em up with some good strong rope
draw and quarter the cock suckin' pope

that pope loves sucking cock
don't he? mk chucky cheese
all day, all night
he's swallowing every drop he can get

that fucking bitch

kill the leaders, the new tv show
electrofuckincute every ceo
do it now before it gets any lamer
put every cop in a fuckin' gas chamber

yo, crank it up
watch those pigs crying turning blue
acting like a bunch of babies
and we're laughing aren't we?

we're the laugh track

set on fire every worthless preacher
and lobotomize every lying teacher
kill the leaders until they twitch
get my shovel, let's put 'em in a ditch

we'll be diggin' all night
the biggest hole you ever saw
and we'll stuff all the rich into it

and pour on some cement

fuck them up and fuck them all
murder the rich, it'll be a ball
watch their eyes, make sure they died
pump the queen full of formaldehyde

oh yah lemme tell ya chucky cheese
that queen will be wetter than she's ever been
that queen will be playin' with her pussy

like she never played with it before

put 'em in a suitcase, chop 'em in a bag
hang every soldier with his own fuckin' flag
smash the statues and burn the money
presidents brains all pink and runny

bring your ice cream scoop and a bucket boyee
we'll do a taste test and do some backspins
mmm mm chucky cheese, hey yo
think i'm gonna blow my load
and it's gonna taste like




Stroking The Remote

don't care what you think
and don't care what you say
you stare at the tv for 6 hours a day
the tv's on you can't look away
drool hanging out, look like jonbenet

do a lot of talking but nothing ever happens
just a bunch of nothing and some more inaction
so much fun to be regulated
spread your legs, system masturbated

mind controlled robots that obey the commands
not enough middle fingers on a thousand hands
you put your kids through the brainwashing machine
no personality, they been wiped fucking clean

the only terrorists are the government
send 'em to the bottom with shoes of cement
fuck every cop cuz they're all corrupt
a stupid fucking gang of worthless dumb fucks

don't talk to me you brainwashed pieces of shit
all i got for you is a face of spit
people like you are just the systems bitch and
i wanna stick a knife in the uncommonly rich

how can you sit there while they take it all?
stop buying their shit when you're at the mall
rome's on fire, oldest trick in the books
you're so fuckin' stupid you go vote for these crooks

they're coming for you and you won't be ready
they'll cut off your head with a walmart machete
a beheaded body and a dead fucking head
and a military gang bang with your wife in your bed

you say you're against fucking child abuse
but you put them on the pills, then they put it in the noose
you let the system teach them lies about reality
then you all obey the death machine

all the hours of tv and the bullshit school system
pedophile teachers and no fucking wisdom
total fucking losers that shouldn't have a job
i'd like to smash their face against a fucking door knob

society's a joke, it's got nothing for me
and you're just a waste watching your fucking tv
laughing on cue, not a thought in your head
to the prerecorded laughing of people long dead

fuck your car and fuck your house
a little gasoline and a whole lotta dowse
you won't change your robot routine
i have to live my life by going in-between

none of it matters fucking anyway
it's one big jail and it's staying that way
cuz you did nothing but stroke your remote
and i fantasized about cutting your throat



Fuck Ronald Reagan

yo, mk chucky cheese, are you eatin' food made by slaves?
did a slave make you a sandwich today, boyee?

oh man, that shit is ill, slave state, yo
man, we all in jail, we just makin' license plates for the man

we're just breakin' rocks my man. it's pointless, yo

oh, mk chucky cheese, you wanna break some rocks?
let's do it man, the ol' slave plan

alright! gonna eat your face!

(fuck ronald reagan)

yeah man, we just ants that found a crumb, bitch
yo, mk chucky cheese, you found a crumb, my man?

(fuck ronald reagan)

alright! bring it on down right to the hive, boyee
then go for another one, yeah yeah

(fuck ronald reagan)

don't get stepped on by the man, oh no
the sirens are gettin' closer, uh oh

(fuck ronald reagan)

we better duck and cover, boyee
grab your slave sandwich
let's get down bitch, into the tunnels

(fuck ronald reagan)

that's right mk chucky cheese, light me up
oh man, i just wanna eat someone's face

(fuck ronald reagan)

pay your monkey judge fees, or eat a cops face
lol, oh epic fail, bust me up bitch

(fuck ronald reagan)

mk chucky cheese, let's inhale poprocks, boyee
let's do our time, don't fall asleep without the tv on

(fuck ronald reagan)

that's how they getcha yo, yeah i know you know
mk chucky cheese, you're the one who told me, man

(fuck ronald reagan)

fuck the haters, boyee, they can all lick my caduceus bitch
backdoor pyramid mutherfucker

(fuck ronald reagan)

eat my fuck and cut you up
yo, mk chucky cheese, prep to bail, my man

(fuck ronald reagan)

nagasaki jr. bitch, part 2 coming soon
mk chucky cheese, push the button..




Boat Conformation Of Cyclohexane

well people sleight and people fuck
deformed meat in whatever form
armageddon braining fuck this bitch
get you to fuck me mind control me

eyes of hell in retina's cold
facescan mutherfucking gasmask pull
mentally ill taking blow by blow
hand in black culled embryo

no mass sleeping nobody home
original formula memory's gone
zyklon body invoking satan
redrum rich plastic ladies weaning

parasite dream and panty teasing teen
robotic cockroach in my dream
sentimental reptile temple of lies
yeah you do and yes kill i

you and me in the armageddon brain
are we lost and nothing remains
primate robot temple of sex
phantom pain making you so wet

i must admit i nailed myself
no escape the occult veil
why don't we talk about osiris no more
i survived hiroshima and the ritual door