Major Dad "Predatory Reports" (2023)

Produced By Randy Prozac



you have no identity they stole it from you
you have no future they stole it from you
you're evil because you're a man
you're more evil because you're white
you're extra evil because you don't shove things up your butt
if you don't want to be suffocated with a muzzle you're a criminal
you don't understand science
if you refuse an experimental vaccine you're a killer
if you think for yourself you are an extremist
i'm a cracker floating in alphabet soup
scraping the bottom of the crisis actor barrel
if the TV tells me to buy ford then i will buy ford
they know exactly what they are doing
they got long range plans that don't include ninety percent of humanity
front hole fact checkers you aren't a good fit for society
semantic hamsters struggle sessions public shaming and denouncing
playing the victim of discrimination self-criticizing
yet they are the ones that discriminate the most
apologizing thought reform re-education camps
put some tranquilizer into the purple drank
i'm a man, not a cis-man convenient die
don't let the door hit you where the gender surgeon split you
i don't feel like i'm in a safe place
i'm not starving so nothing will happen
where's a puppy to hug when I need one? convenient die
it's not a phone it's a tracking device with telephonic capabilities
many people don't understand what a commissar is
two weeks to flatten your brain
they want to destroy society and human civilization
if the TV tells me to buy ford then i will buy ford
the illusion of choice followed by the illusion of change
a society run by megalomaniacs
reinforcing the illusion of democracy
that can only offer you a future of eating bugs in the dark
glorification of the degenerate and stupid
it's not a phone it's a tracking device with telephonic capabilities
mentally ill men prancing around in dresses
sexually abusing your kids in your face
and you clap for it because your mind has been rotted
convenient die
imagine thinking you were oppressed
because you couldn't manipulate a child behind their parents' backs
if you've received a covid 19 MRNA shot
you are no longer a human you are genetically altered
you are no longer entitled to human rights
and are the property of the patent owners
the clot thickens it's not a delusion
it's very well thought out assault on humanity
ESG is slavery even dreams have pop-up's now
woke people have the simple-mindedness of children
which is why the concepts of marxism are so appealing to them
many young adults are stuck in childhood
they are obsessed by video games virtual reality
and collecting children's toys and other reminders of their childhood
so it should not be surprising that they are easily led down the path
of believing they can change the world for the better
by simply outlawing anyone who disagrees with
whatever they believe at the moment
exactly what you would expect
in terms of mental process from a young child
john kerry went down to antarctica to visit the nephilim
step 1) cut off food and energy supplies to drive up cost of living
guilty at birth by relationship by association
step 2) offer UBI to “save” the poor cost of living goes even higher
more people need it to survive
you deserve to be soylent greened in the future
step 3) add increasingly invasive conditions for UBI to acclimate people
to doing what they're told and having no bodily autonomy
lose jobs if you don't comply silence is violence
step 4) new rule: get your brain implant or your UBI gets cut off
hormonal pharma frankenstein
step 5) the masses are happy owning nothing forever
sub-humans are devolving us into soulless godless and spiritless
animal/insect group soul consciousness
playing games with people to stop reproduction
jealous self loathing worms who preach about 'values' and 'justice'
getting power and abusing it
confuse divide poison rip off abuse
they're the first piggies with their snouts in the trough
promote hateful time wasting and cover up mass murdering
to continue slave class cycles
and those who applaud the loudest
when innocents are dragged off the street by the regime police
the MSM are complicit in global genocide
through a secret door in the backside of that wooden horse
dropped all kinds of strange bedfellows
instant gratification excretions via algorithm
whose mission it has been to defile every value
held by people enjoying a relatively moral life
dirty old men need your money to save the world
illogical convoluted mentally retarded gymnastics
drowning in a maelstrom of ideological disinformation
farming out their critical thinking
the smell of mutilated penis and man cunt
indoctrinate children so they have no ability for logical thought
you hijacked someone else's history
and became a victim of your own stupidity
living in a society where child abuse is not only condoned but glorified
children being treated as if they are livestock piglets
an anti-virus program for the mind that drives out “negative” thoughts
while lulling us into going along with being replaced
and the cognitive ability to resist globalist programming
looks like you've reached the end