Jew Kids On The Cock "Rat Utopia Syndrome" (2023)

Produced By ChatLGBT



Rat Utopia Syndrome

in love tunnels underneath magic kingdom
comet pizza antifa nightly meetings
sucking harder than ashley biden in her dad's shower
transhuman genderless subservient satanic robot
split like hotdog nanotech panoptic dust
beast system move forward
technocratic biomedical nightmare surveillance state
no life at all a pus filled half eaten weiner
shoved into man made hole bug eating metaverse
controlled demolition of civilization
carbon footprint stamping on face forever
hypnotized with propaganda
ninety nine percent humans dumber than rocks
ninety nine percent humans believe any lie
mandatory permits of every kind eating your life alive
eat children's hearts masturbate on their corpses
cannibalistic living hell subhuman rites anal sex hormones
burn every law school down indoctrinated rotten brains
self assemblies inject destroy nation
global famine blamed on climate change
not policy to shut down farming
increasing levels of weakness fatigue brain fog
all are good things non-birthing units saving planet
practical idealism chatgpt matrix power plants
social media dopamine sustainable world tyranny
trusted digital entity identity grid is beast grid is enemy
planet of the apes is real double vaxxed toxic vaginality
life being rationed away public accepted app on smartphone
report for re-education eighty years of emasculation ago
artificial food resource shortages self-driving car limits where you go
deep fake ai mindless entertainment cartoon version of reality
hunted down by boston dynamics dancing robots and dogs
beautiful barbed-wire fences pointing inwards
emoji implant cricket mcnuggets
food coloring adhd and cut off genitals
identity politics for people with no identity
only peer tastes in consumer products
activist leaders shopping for mansions
smartcities crammed with internet of bodies
steal dignity replace with state subjugation
monkeypox spreading in boy scouts roads painted rainbows
not enough statues for baal global homogenization
obliterate all national cultural racial religious sexual identity
reduce humanity to interchangable commoditized drones
guarding child molestation in progress
satanic shifting overton window drag queen guillotine
one nation under satan debride society of madness
npc's who despise their own existence
women offer children to pedophile systems
accordingly chastised by emojis
entering the land of dracula with good social credit
or no glamping and smartmeat frankenhooker locked down smartcity
penetrate the cabinet hold the pickle fear based injections
lubing all daughters for immigrant gangs
sexually mutilating children as a sign of morality
compromised immune fronthole burger slides inside burnt offering
not enough plastic fema coffins
infantilization of generation promoting tribalism degeneration
it's time to dissolve the teachers union in acid
my pronoun is slut cult slut pet store run out of gerbils
i do it for bowl of rice and fish head learning to swallow skelter
anagram for covid nineteen is convenient die
i screw baby with flabby tits i eat hotdogs in whitehouse
saw doritos on tv want doritos lactating fathers milk
mandatory fitbit taxing your breathing greta give good tard head
turned penis inside out there was a vagina inside
pedophile hiding behind the flag of moloch and whir of mobility scooters
i'm a homo kid with monkeypox i'm here to read children's books
and suck some d and i'm all out of children's books
pay property taxes to school for privilege of having children destroyed
there's a demon hiding in pridemonth candy bar pedophile normalization
they raised price on bugs now can't afford bugs eat zog it's what's for dinner
saw noose in my soup give me some money was traumatized
made bio-weapon from all the covid swabs pulling strings since babylon
nuclear war destroyed usa build back better
everyone green glowing green radioactive
destroy all beauty in society programmed on daily basis
i'm in university support pedophiles
ready-for-grave slaves support death program
why no political assassinations like there used to be
mental security blanket of self-delusion can't break spell
i scared of own shadow harming climate
i no reproduce i gay no reproduce self-loathing love diversity
kill each other in streets for meat mobile phone movement sensors
i want my abortion saturn day night lies
genocidal inbred satanist sociopaths not human anymore
never going back dream manipulation thought crimes
prosthetics mind controlled and a thousand ted talks
mass shooter of institutionalized suicide brain initiative hive mind
smashed brain out of head smashed brain until gone then drop dead
use tiktok and fentanyl get boosters blm
same people behind 9/11 behind covid 19
got baphomet at walmart black cube worship
star of remphan converted into filth
staging public demand for government solution to starvation
xi has micropenis and tedros is horny bread and circus cyclops cock
underground arks for the rich learned to watch noses
equity is racism don't want to buy the world coke
equity and equality no exist infested with mentally ill
weakening family ties and cultural roots
replaced by global digital world of sameness
take my freedom just don't take my phone every day is s.o.s.
isn't about climate change is about enriching bankers
got 33rd booster and QR code in good order but ESG score bad
everything scripted controlled by narrative makers
that feed news media science journals
universities and cultural pillars of modern society
force feeding consciousness of masses with fabricated artificial reality
disagree with false reality accused of spreading misinformation
reduced to status of domesticated animal inclusive but dissenters excluded
population of child minded pavlovian programmed submissives
global dystopian nightmare dictatorship run by bankers and corporations
who control and provide for the serfs who live in pods
in 15 minute open-air prison smartcity zones functionally retard
but woke and ready to transgender big head rush boosters kicking in
we will have death camps in the 21st century
remnants of a better culture all around us
censor and ban the reminders of what we lost
until then exist in ai virtual reality hyper ghetto welfare city state
until they weld you in and you die
subversive creativity becomes authoritarian censorship
no concept of past or future only crushing mandates of present
reverse racism rotting infrastructure shit on streets
not enough lithium to replace every fossil fuel vehicle
needles in the parks collateral damage
producing for the elites and only the elites
world wide unemployment replaced by ai and robots you are obsolete
not enough lithium unless population drastically reduced that's the plan
they no tolerate 10 billion humans big kill coming
western media casually calls deliberate governmental genocide by famine a 'food shortage'
the gaslighting will keep masses from understanding their coming demise
headlines will read 'no one saw it coming'
socialist dumpster babies pronoun won't matter when starving
got long vaccine at cancel light vigil
leaders of world unified against the people
the vaccinated destroyed their own immune systems
a future of eating bugs in the dark
dig up corpse of steve jobs ram six million smartphones up asshole
cattle brain implant or UBI cut off grocery stores become no-go zones
can't get 200 dollar pot roast the size of a pack of playing cards
biometrically binding digital identification
need lifelong vaccinations for every little illness
they eat bugs while twerking and believe
they are the most intelligent and free people who ever lived
the only traces left in forgotten landfills
breakfast cereal supports sex with children
drag queen horny time and garbage pale kids
world is suffering from battered wife syndrome
death murder abortion for global warming
in the final stages of rat utopia syndrome
stealing murder mayhem for racism
soon to be followed by stiff corpse syndrome
sexual abomination cutting off the kids genitals for equity
false rationalization becomes excuse for exercise of raw power
fossil fuels support population growth no fossil fuels many people die
shutting down supply chains farm machinery
electricity produced by gas and coal civilizational collapse on purpose
masks in the ocean of fukushima no resistance to malthusian circle jerk
younger generations can't even cook if you gave them bag of flour
they wouldn't know what it was and they would most likely try to snort it
act of thinking not just outlawed but made unthinkable
they know deep down they are repulsive and they hate themselves for it
collectivist society that devalues individual rights tyranny of the offended
the elimination of human right to autonomy eyes wide open for excess deaths
turning the world third world enjoying the idea government cares about them
and is doing all this to protect them diversity is home of mediocrity and total failure
overstimulation of frontal lobe cause large amount of mental illness
medical advice from genocidal sociopaths
blew up guidestones no need them anymore successfully executed plan
died suddenly become common in new normal fuck all the leaders
getting dark out there people sleeping will get ugly quickly
system moving with brutal efficiency skynet is anti-white
humanity in sunset of its existence
those who refuse MRNA are last genetically original organic generation of species
no turning back from this if you notice who do it get called anti-semitic
dehumanization comes before destruction
WEF says no future in 4th industrial revolution
they want us in permanant lockdowns in their revolution no place for us
talk democracy for purposes of mind control
fuck left fuck right all authoritarian cunts
nukes will fly masses will die psychopaths will be secure and dry
until survivors dig them out and eat them
trying to enlighten cattle class is suicidal no one represents the people
soon everyone put in homeless camps cut fertilizer usage worship beast image
smartcity bubbles entertainment gas chambers
at peak of sick and dying is when to strike
sleep unto death fat with food while dying from death shot normal now perceived as abnormal
fourth turning tribulation great reset cut off dick and sew it to forehead
microwave own brains with zombie phones psychosis hypochondria fraud against humanity
up is down left is right good is bad day is night install chip where pineal gland once sat
equity code word for neo-feudal world
best way to reduce population of world is to destroy systems that make population possible
that is what we witnessing the common death wish is undeniable
underneath identity politics empty void
instead of building ideal society the class of the classless
construct new identities for new classes invent new goal posts to redefine victimhood
underneath posturing is trauma new generation with no sense why they exist
boys cut off from masculinity girls cut off from femininity
suicidal school shootings mental illness transgender projections
reactions to society that offers pop culture as purpose
diversity and inclusion divide and conquer don't take eyes off flat screen
brokeback mountain parties in whitehouse
sucking harder than donald trump on epstein island
pedophile spirit meals served in whitehouse
rainbow replace swastika as icon of authoritarian social engineering
more invasive than any other ideology
most protected and promoted by state corporate and media the epitome of fascism
sexual made political rainbow now political party with agenda beyond equality
forced ritual participation inclusive only extend to like-minded
all others discriminated against branded as reason for all evil
all designed all planned they want you dead
you love the most murderous ideology in history
you applaud flooding war zone with billions in weapons yet demand peace
you demand people have experimental drugs forced into body
but demand right to kill baby in womb because 'my body my choice'
you demand open borders for illegals to have 'better life'
while applauding impoverishing and disenfranchising your own citizens because they are white
you demand right to protest views of others with violence if necessary
but demand mass censorship of differing opinions because 'free speech is dangerous'
you cheer for every war the MIC created in the name of security
based on propaganda and lies wasting millions of lives
but you're enraged when russia invades hostile nation in name of security
you scream murder when black criminal killed by police
but ignore more common actual murder of innocents blacks killed by other blacks
imagine level of ignorance required to sustain that level
of cognitive dissonance while believing you have principles
world economic forum fuck off united nations fuck off NATO fuck off
stay safe