Fronthole Funkopops "Frontholes Among The Ruins" (2024)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Passing Around The Mountain Dew Bottle

i just love pizza camp. sitting around the campfire playing acoustic guitar
me too, the best part is browning each others weiners
no! the best part is when we pull our funkopops out
oh yeah! i love popping the box and the smell of fresh plastic fills the room, mmmm

that guy randy prozac, he said they're a chinese bioweapon
and when you pop the box it emits a massive amount of estrogen
but so what? why is it something bad??!
dont listen to him. he doesnt even have a fronthole, hee hee hee
ewww, i hate that guy, i hate cisgender nazi boomers

ohh look everybody! my fronthole is dilating!
my manbreasts have grown 22% just by being around all these pops!
yay! you'll be able to chestfeed the pops!
have you read gender queer? we read it at school back in grade three

it's the one where the boys passed around
the mountain dew bottle full of their combined semen
i read it and i thought, "that's me!", "that's me!"
hey look! i pulled a BB-8 pride edition!
oooooohhh!!! let me see it! let me see! let me see!

randy prozac said the unelected elite believe
there are too many humans on the planet
and it's their divine right to fix the problem
by culling the human population to a less than a billion

he says they believe that if this does not happen
then the planet will be destroyed and all of humanity will die
so they see themselves as the saviors of the planet and humanity
even though it means killing off most of humanity

and since these people have shown motive
and they have opportunity and the ability to carry out their plan
we should really be concerned about their designs to kill you and your family
because the plans are real

he's just a crazy nazi colonizer
i dont wanna talk about him anymore
lets play some campfire funko pizzapop

did you bring your metallic rainbow glitter synthesizer?
i sure did! and i brought my beatin' off drum machine
hold on.. let me beat off a really gay beat



We're Fronthole Funkopops

we're fronthole funkopops
pop 'em up our girly slots

we're fronthole funkosluts
chicken innard dumpster guts

we're fronthole funkopops
rubbing out our syntho cocks

we're fronthole funkocunts
intestinal fungi fucks

we're fronthole funkopops
spooge inside your mystery box

we're fronthole funkosluts
prolapsed cramping asshole cunts

we're fronthole funkopops
fairy princess monkey pox

we're fronthole funkocunts
yellow 6 betacucks

we're fronthole funkopops
oozing out the horsey sauce

we're fronthole funkosluts
sausage gristle puckered up

we're fronthole funkopops
pus infected dripping slop

we're fronthole funkocunts
with R2-D2's up our butts



Screaming Peanut Butter Head

yay! that was totally gay!
even my fronthole is clapping, here..listen...
that was the best fronthole love song i ever heard

hey, can you tell us a fronthole ghost story pleeeasee? oh please please
ok, i have a scary one.. it is called "screaming peanut butter head" and it's a true story

there was this white cisgender nazi who lived in arizona and he sold fentanyl to illegals
he always bought the fentanyl from the cartels because their fentanyl was the best fentanyl
one day he decided he didn't want to pay the cartel for the fentanyl anymore
so they abducted him and took him out into the arizona plains

they buried him up to his neck in the dirt and all you could see was his head
then they smeared several jars of peanut butter all over his head then they drove away

soon all the coyotes could smell the delicious peanut butter and they all circled the head
he watched as they approached.. the coyotes began licking the peanut butter and soon began biting his skin
then they began tearing the skin off.. they tugged and tugged until his tongue came out and then they ate it
he was screaming and screaming as two coyotes each bit into his eye sockets

his eyes were still working even as the jaws of the coyotes chewed them
he could see glimpses of their teeth, tongues and throats flashing each time their jaws opened and closed
chewing and chewing until his eyes popped and then the coyotes began chewing into his brain
he screamed and screamed as blood and brains and peanut butter were all mixing together
he was a screaming peanut butter head eaten alive
and sometimes when the wind is just right you can smell peanut butter
and still hear his tongueless screams howling

oh no! that's too scary.. change the topic..
here listen.. i have a super rare audio recording of buzz aldrin on the moon singing helter skelter

when i get to the bottom
i go back to the top of the slide
where i stop and i turn
and i go for ride
until i get to the bottom
and i see you again

helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter
helter skelter

turn that off no one cares.. let's do another fronthole song!



My Fronthole And I

fronthole and i
fluttering like a butterfly

fronthole and i
the sparkles only multiply

fronthole and i
double rainbows in each eye

my fronthole and i
shooting stars across the sky

fronthole and you
the only thing that was ever true

fronthole and you
glistening with morning dew

fronthole and you
dripping with residues

fronthole and you
a dilated rendezvous

i know my fronthole doesn't mean anything to you
but you know.. you can get one too

my fronthole hasn't been with yours for a while
but when we pull out our dilators our frontholes starts to smile

and no matter what happens, this is our fronthole to die on
and we'll always be frontholes among the ruins

cuz when frontholes touch.. they can do anything
together frontholes can do anything

my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i

my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i
my fronthole and i



Aquaman In The Fronthole

yaaay! i was having so much fun my aquaman pop fell out of my fronthole into the fire! hehehehe
here, you can use some of my flexseal, it helps keep aquaman in the fronthole better

aquaman in the fronthole
aquaman in the fronthole
aquaman in the fronthole
all day long, aquaman!

yay! oh, we have such fun with our frontholes, don't we?
oh, we sure do!

randy prozac just says that i'm brainwashed and a pawn in the new world order
you talk to him?
yeah i talk to randy all the time
no you dont, he doesnt talk to anyone
you're just talking to one of the mexican fake randy's
mexican fake randy's?
yeah there's lots of those down in mexico.
let's do a fronthole randy song! yeah!!



Frontholes Among The Ruins

accepted as normal to be observed by machines
a slavestate under the guise of going green
while multinational death factories
inject toxic waste into human beings

no more farms, they control everything
hyperinflated hegelian emergency
can't afford anything to eat
transitioned to soylent green

frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins

pissed out drugs in everything you drink
insect proteins bathed in atrazine
washed down with radiation poisoning
shit your guts and non-stop puking

infected with devils coming from 5G
killing the flowers, killing all the bee's
without pollinators, you depend on the elite
let them eat lab grown tumor meat

frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins
frontholes among the ruins



Halal Sausage À la Motel Hell

that was fun! i love it!
and it just sorta happened
kinda like globohomo just sorta happened! hee hee

so, what do you want to be when you grow up?
i don't ever want to grow up
i was into tentacle porn since i was 4 years old
and nothing will ever change that
hmmm.. i want to be halal sausage à la motel hell
that's cool!

the mexican fake randy told me that staring at a phone all day
is the same as being brain chipped
he says the oligarchs are using the 'protected classes' to dismantle society

who cares what he says? stop talking about him! what's wrong with you?
but what about persons of bonus holes?
persons of bonus holes aren't allies
they're still part of the patriarchy
i dont care if they've been centered
they're still cisgender nazis

the only truehole is a fronthole
everything else is hetero-normative
bigoted white privileged homophobia

please change the topic
these microaggressions are triggering my terminal autism

here listen to this..
it is a super rare recording of sai baba singing the rodeo song

well, it's forty below and i don't give a fuck
got a heater in my truck and i'm off to the rodeo
it's an allemande left and allemande right
c'mon you fuckin' dummy, get your right step right
get off stage, you goddamn goof, you know
piss me off, fucking jerk, get on my nerves
well, here comes johnny with his pecker in his hand
he's a one-ball man and he's off to the rodeo

turn it off, nobody wants to hear that

let's play another globohomo fronthole song



Persons Of Bonus Holes

curbing future births is a fantastic method of depopulation
forever chemicals and nano plastics in the food supply and environment have done their job
see the rotten fruit of decades of propaganda and twisted sexual ideas promoted as normal
it's not about making money, it's about destroying western civilization through cultural penetration

mercury retrograde now direct
the chicken mcnuggets have their legs spread
a state of synthesized infestation
with darkening skies of armageddon

speaking to you in motherese
corrupting your soul with the sounds of the beast
cyborg kabbalah psychopaths
transhuman spells of defiled maths

a generation of kids who think they're the opposite gender (bonus holes)
acquired no skills nor knowledge of how things really work (bonus holes)
ignited they throw themselves onto the fire of the globalist goals (bonus holes)
mind control is real and you are under complete control

everything viewed in the third-person
just a product at the fulfillment center
they're smothering all the beauty
while Maurice Strong beats off to Cuties

the phones are in charge when you're deceased
from another Bill Gates mosquito release
ripping through the psychic barrier
in a 15 minute box forever

a 15 minute box forever
a 15 minute box forever
a 15 minute box forever

(the world that you knew is over)



Stephen Hawking Circlejerk Orgy

yay! i cant wait for year zero!
do you wanna have a swordfight?
maybe later..

i have zero tolerance for racism and inequality
and i want everyone who supports that to be executed
my parents are white nazi colonizers
they support institutionalized racism
and as soon as the fronthole unite
i plan to report them and have them killed

we need to get rid of the old society
and move forward into the future
with wide open frontholes!

those who stand in the way of utopia are the enemy
and we will have to eliminate them
we must eliminate all the racist transphobic nazis

i am tired of their problematic unconscious biases
oppressing all of the bipocs and minor attracted persons

yes! we'll put all the fascists into death camps

hey, listen to this.. it's a super rare recording
of stephen hawking on epstein island
he's participating in a circlejerk orgy
while using his slobber as lube

turn it off!
i don't want to hear that
let's do another song!
yes, we'll do another song about frontholes of proven worth



Lactating Microplastics

lactating microplastics inside me
insipid touchtone happymod NPC
wrong tube anus birth inverted reality
demonic synaptic postself insanity

lactating microplastics for infinity
MKU year zero blue screen
CCTV watching CCTV
panopticons of CBDC

lactating microplastics in your pee
football foursome system CCP
lowlife vomit culture WW3
CIA sunshine MSNBC

lactating microplastics in bloodstream
baby rapers self lubricating
molested hamburger capture industry
PHD in advanced sodomy

lactating microplastics in my genes
silent subliminal abusive telepathy
nightmare chaos slavestate society
eyeless insect thought-chip delete

lactating microplastics in my dreams
sex organ mutilator stains on loveseats
raped and beheaded Disney spreadsheet
Magnus Hirschfield's favorite luncheon meat



One Last Bedtime Fronthole

well, now it's time to pass around the mountain dew bottle and get ready for bed
i want a drink! oh, it's so good
let me have a sip!

now say goodnight everybody

and we'll have one last fronthole bedtime campfire song



Love Canal

we set sailing
floating down the love canal
we set sailing
drifting down the love canal
we seem strange
our bodies are breaking down
we are breeding
our children look like monsters
we are breeding
not to children but to monsters
we feel pain
poison is killing our every cells
we are bitter
poison is killing our very cells
we are dying
our common grave is the love canal
we are dying
our common grave is the love canal