Cheeseburger Death "Self-Absorbed Insect Mind" (2010)

Produced By Randy Prozac



Self-Absorbed Insect Mind

taste you
fuck you
inside out
own you
destroy you
dissolve you
inside out
taste you
smell you
fuck you
inside out
tear you apart
tear you apart
tear you apart
taste your pain
inside out



Generic Me

our membranes
are filled with propane
we're sucking it up
we're strapping it on
no body needs
to know about it
we're a genetic spill
we just couldn't help it
as generic as could be
so stupid so selfish
flush away stains
burnt into your my brain
kiss your life drown
the fucking drain trying to convince us
that what you say means anything
to the fucked up asshole
looking back at you
in your bathroom mirror
a concrete block around my head
with your roaming penis eyes
little pissing fucking drone
forcing brutal smiles
wrinkled thoughts overtanned
one hundred dead end thuds
for thoughts sticking like sand
talking machine chattering
around and around our heads
weaving into lies



Systems Believer

no more systems believer
no more compressed human beings
no more compartmentalized people



Protocol Machine

fuck all the pictures
in the magazines
fuck everyone
in the social scenes
everyone has
that mental disease
everyone thinks
they're not on their knees
fuck all the pictures
in the magazines
fuck everyone
in the social scenes
everyone has
that mental disease
everyone thinks
they're not on their knees
fuck every person
on the tv screen
fuck all the robot/human
protocol machines
fuck everyone
in the social scenes
fuck all the pictures
on the tv screen
has that mental disease
thinks they're not on their knees
so fuck every person
in the magazines
fuck all the robot/human
protocol machines



Dreaming Your Video Game

lost in a hole of social systematic relays
a machine total void sputtering diseases
rubber gloved robots medicated dilated
mechanical magic blinking on blanking out
empty lives motionless streaming silence
note the wires running from the liars
mechanical eyes with plastic brains
mutated and mutilated perceptions
your living is killing everything



Mechanical Mommy

because he is constantly leaking his self lies are so weak
that they cannot contain his selfish illusions
mommy with her painted on machine face barely human
just diodes and metal pieces all life dying outside the little androids windows
but meanwhile the little braindead shoulda been abortions
sit smiling and drooling together slithering about their bubble world
mechanical mommy fills the android then his smile appears
it is painted over his anguished grimace oh, but mommy filled his hole
plugged up the little mandroid baby drone but not for long
she hums and whirs as she movesas she pursuades
baby android towards the tv here you go baby
suckle your neutralization it's good yes mommy thank you mommy
tv blaring bombs outside death everywhere the price is paid
for babys little happy face his disgusting pukestain of a lifestyle
lies reeking like rotten food wasted bodies burning tv glaring
bombs exploding tentacles reaching from the walls
babys happy face gleaming his oblivion eyes shining
registering only selfishness by getting his hole filled validated
the little shit fuck the sickening little abortion that he is
mechanical mommy whirs over stroking his hole
feeding little scraps of garbage into the sucking hole



Sex Baphomet

manipulations regulation
powerless you're growing helpless
weakness subordinate is what you're becoming
convenience store drive through lives
big game's tonight you're locked up tight
you were born to score and bring the porn
nevermind the restraints superintend the hate
performance is nil mass breeding of swill
surveillance demanded order has landed
mindless fucking hypocrite projecting your self loathing
onto those that you do fear hating yourself externally
you're too stupid too lazy to think why you are
what you are what you hate is what you think those others are
but it's just you just you just you just you that never bothered
that never bothered to move past the blockade inside your head
you'll spend your life blaming others and then you'll just be dead
cuz it's everyone's fault that you're so dumb
so blame them for your shitty life
it's their fault that you hate them
it's his fault that you're angry
so blame and blame and play that game
you're the master of perception
no one gets one past you
and your obnoxious self deception
because you're the nigger in the mirror and white man that you hate
because you're the bitch who turns her nose to the bum laying on the grate
because you're the christian you despise the muslim on the plane
you're the man with the magic wand searching you for some kicks
because you're the prostitute in the alley cunt sore from losers cocks
because you're the skinhead full of shit whose brain is in a box
because you're the liar in the mirror and it's everyone else's fault
you're the one that hates himself the one that has no balls
because you're the one who can live with it who gets off on the pain
you're the one who voided life the one with the tiny brain



Bieber Corpse

clogs up
the pipes
tried to
flush him
past two
what's that
as bieber
goes swirling
have no
i masturbated
with his
i drilled a
in biebers
into the
his brains
are bled
just want to
fuck it
kept a
the bucket
up my place
cut it
and wear
his face
is looking
made him
his own



Into The Waking Thoughts Of The Dead

into the waking thoughts of the dead
we fit right in like a knife in a gash
into the waking thoughts of the dead
headless hopeless wretching speaking
laquered chilled moans whispering streams
of vomit from phone to leash to phone
swarming sickened cunted thoughts crawl
through the tubes lubricated by the sound
of the shit ooze they choose
into the waking thoughts of the dead
from phone to leash to phone
swarming sickened stunted rats crawling
through their tubes talk about themselves
and their travel plans lubricated by the sound
of the shit they ooze they choose
casually babbling about body implants
into the waking thoughts of the dead
we fit right in like a knife in a gash
hopeless wretched squeaking streams of vomit
through phone to leash to phone
into the waking thoughts of the dead
so accepting to be digitally mastered
talking about yourself and your travel plan
they talk about themselves a complete scam
casually babbling about body implants
sickened stunted rats crawling through tubes
into the waking thoughts of the dead
we fit right in like a knife in the end
we fit right in like a knife in the end



Sucking Up The Nothing

my car the whore
i fuck it more
drink up think down
close close this door

shallow swallow melting yellow
breathe deaths decay
don't hear don't see
turn and look look away

hiding behind right behind
the tender chickens head twitched
we're dead brainwashed castrated
volumed up locking switched

we are all failing
we are the ones to blame
and who do you think
will pay for it tomorrow anyway

your children are dead
stillborn in the future brain dead
no hope no reason sheep baaa
look up come be lead

hooking lies and beheadlines
cash grabbed it's all gone bad
question nothing turn off turn off
staring at the keypad

laughing at your laughing
but it's falling and it's burning
here it comes you're running
but it's too big and it's turning

escaping idle counting
money lips are smacking
peeling back the face skin
ugly ugly broken cracking

lying dying filing dancing
bodies packed on ice
prying lying evil
yes i know that you are nice

squealing breeding fetus coffin
giving nothing back
entertainment pathos
give me give me snack snack snack

killing all your filling
you don't dare, care or feel
blood on blood runs streaming
crunching crushed under your wheel

fooling you you're drooling
numb and number day by day
killing poised spilling poison
feelings paved away

swallow down the watered down
smile happy happy i'm fine
look at me i look like you
i'm good i'm good got no spine

love me love me counting time bomb
countdown make me breed
sucking up the nothing
while the mice feed their need

now your eyes are lying
see you don't see
crumpled up garbage
talk walk talking on your knees

believe me you'll be leaving soon
or sooner don't be late
wallowing in believing
machined voices in heat

up inside so deeply feel
the feeling tense up hard
systems got you all choked up
tears fall on business cards

bleaker getting weaker
marching step dance to the tune
chains surround the spirit
smother out the light within you

following through the matrix
smell the smiling happy teeth
wincing through the beating
swollen bruised up piece of meat

follow the leader please me
we do crawl on our backs
worship whores spit
powerless against the tv attacks

zombie inside my machine brain
vote vote choke flushed down the drain
gave it all away today
they own you eat your pill