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    It doesn't matter that I have a Y chromosome, I feel female. I have a female penis. Gender is social constructionism.

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    The face of global migration is beautiful. Accept migration. Support multiculturalism.

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    Preserve the uniqueness of your own culture. We are all equal. Promote equity and justice through diversity.

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    Diversity in society allows for richness and vibrancy. With an ageing population and low fertility rates, Immigration plays an important role.

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    Recognizing that we are all equal helps us to create a culture of diversity and inclusivity. Free of prejudice. Love is love.

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    We must help our fellow white people heal their inner whiteness and put an end to white supremacy and hate.

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    PoC and under-represented minorities will never have justice until we reject whiteness. We must all do our part.

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    Teach children to disarm themselves from bigotry. This is going to be the grooming of the next generation.

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    The patriarchy must be decolonized from toxic whiteness. It's OK to punch a Nazi.

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    Increasing the warmth of the welcome and promoting a sense of belonging among Newcomers.