Let Them Eat Cellphones

we allow and enable psychopathic rapists to dominate us as a collective mass because we believe they will somehow "fix" the problems they themselves deliberately created. problems we claim to oppose yet completely support while we play with our toys like little children who were born blind, deaf and dumb.

we look to the corporate governments and their finger-puppets as if they were our loving parents, but they are rapists, drug dealers and murderers. yet still we have faith in these monsters to take care of us. the monsters that rule over us are a manifestation of our own selves.

if we were psychologically healthy beings, the corporate governments would serve no function as a dominating control system, we would not be the irresponsible children, we would develop a better structure for our societies rather than this parasitic, greed-based internment facility that benefits the few while the rest of us suffer.

we are made into sick, misaligned and dysfunctional beings, alienated from our own selves and each other, undeveloped and artificial automatons that merely accept and emulate. the ideal slave. soft and pliable. distracted, disconnected and silent.

we are trapped in an illusion, a labyrinth of hollow perception, obsessing over meaningless things, discussing implanted Youtruth, pretending that we are somehow part of the power structure beyond the level of an ant, mass-debating misinformation and regurgitating rehearsed, finely crafted lies while verbally masturbating ourselves in public.

we are held locked into position, kept in a weakened state.. over-worked, over-crowded..groveling our way through life in a meaningless gyration designed to wear us down and keep us in place.. and through this weakness we are raped by psychopaths who fill our heads with fantasies of a better life that will never happen.

believing that the newly erected leader is the apex of the power structure and not a corporate installed deflection, believing that voting is not just an exercise in pacification of the people, providing the illusion that they too have power, believing over and over that the next leader will be better, that the next erection will be different because it was just the fault of the previous erection.

the media is our most trusted friend, keeping us well-informed with the most trusted and accurate information available so that we can properly assess the situation and react accordingly. we are the ones in control of the world, our societies and our own lives.

the corporate governments, media and military are based on openness, honesty and genuine concern for our well-being. they care about our health, our happiness and our dreams.. we are of the utmost importance to the corporate governments, military and arms manufacturers.

we vote for change and the only change is the interchangeable token head of the same detrimental corporate hydra, we have allowed ourselves to become cornered, completely dependent upon their corporate tits for every basic human need.. drinking their poisons, ingesting their toxins, killing our own planet, fueling our own oppression and loving it as we stare at our screens and maybe feel bad about it for a moment until returning to full-immersion within the perpetual distraction.

we live in states of psychotic agitation with no identity. see yourself for the replicated insect that you are. peel the surface levels away. none of what we perceive matters. it is only a masquerade hidden behind layers of comforting lies.

we are compilations of media interacting with other compilations of media. deconstruct everything that we have been exposed to since birth. strip away every lie that you call you. it was never you. it was them. it was their words, their thoughts, their spells. you are not you. there was no you.

there was only a media playlist mimicking another media playlist. psychologically shaped streamlined barely human sports cars. a shell of a human being. human expression homogenized into a generic preset. the inner self deleted and reformatted into entire populations of subservient parrots.

while the elite enjoy their fine wines and limousines, we pay hard-earned worthless money to be negated by their hollywood star whores.

while the broken hearts of mothers who children were butchered by their fascist pigs shatter every day and night with tears and heartaches that will never end, we rub the game controller between our legs and stare into the flickering void.